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December 2009 - CD Review by Dan MacIntosh

"If it wasn't for bad luck/I'd have no luck at all" Pauline Kyllonen sings during "Unlucky". It's a familiar lyric for blues fans, but Kyllonen applies it to a rock beat, instead. These three songs find Kyllonen expressing hope and determination, in the face of a hard luck life.

While "Unlucky" leans heavily toward the rock side of country-rock, the steel guitar on "Rainbow Cafe", which uses the rainbow metaphor to express the wish to make a dream come true, is resolutely country. "It Felt Like Christmas" is a piano ballad that longs for a life that felt like Christmas every day.

Kyllonen is an excellent singer and songwriter, and she writes lyrics that are sincere and straightforward, but never trite. Ah, if only she were on the top of the country charts, instead of Taylor Swift.

December 14, 2009 - NEW CD Review by Hyperbolium Music Review Blog

Pauline Kyllonen is a country-rock singer from British Columbia whose 2008 debut EP opens with a gutsy rocker that favorably recalls ‘70s belters like Ellen Foley and Genya Raven. Yet it’s ballads that appear foremost on Kyllonen’s song list, as the original “Rainbow Café” drops the romping electric guitar of the opener for pedal steel and a moving lyric of small town stasis and a life that’s passed by.

She sings sweetly, reaching into her high register for the folk-jazz “Like a River,” bring to mind early Joni Mitchell, and closes with a ballad whose heavy drums and low organ match the power of her singing.

Kyllonen is served by solid arrangements that keep her strong voice and lyrics front and center. If Nashville were still interested in three chords and the truth, “Rainbow Café” would have already been snatched up by one of its current hit makers.

As it is, this four-song EP is a good introduction for listeners and a great calling card to the lucky label who eventually signs Kyllonen. [©2009 hyperbolium dot com]


April 26, 2009 - Mr. Neil's Blog, New York City, New York - CD Review by by DJW

I came across Pauline Kyllonen via Twitter. She sent me a link to her website and I checked it out.  I’m pleased I did.

Although there’s only four songs on her website, they’re a nice showcase of her talent. This Canadian singer/songwriter clearly has roots in country music. It’s that clear, simple weaving of story, melody and a voice that can communicate the emotional undercurrent of the situation being outlined in the song.

When listening to the music, I could see myself in a bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere, having wandered in in the middle of the day for a cold beer and stumbling across Pauline singing on a bare-bones stage.

Her voice is strong and clear, reminding me of Australian singer, Deborah Conway. A strong woman who won’t take any crap, but one who’s been through a lot, seen many things in her life and is willing to share.

The melancholy sounds bring Chris Isaak to mind, and they are the kind of tunes to listen to when sipping a cold beer or glass of white wine, most certainly on a balcony somewhere, alone, to immerse yourself in the images and emotions her songs conjure up.

I don’t know if Pauline Kyllonen is ever heading to NYC for a gig, but if she is, I’ll be there to check her out. If you’re in Canada and happen to be where she’s playing, you should check her out…

The Neil Diamond Seal of Approval? 3 out of 5 stars.

April 19, 2009 - CD Review
by Jeremiah Sutherland, BullfrogMusic Reviews

In 2005, Kyllonen entered one of her first song compositions, “Rainbow Café” into the Music BC Program. On the strength of this composition, Pauline won 3 days of studio time at The Factory Studios in Vancouver, BC. In April 2008, she was finally able to record and produce her debut CD.

It’s only a short EP, 4 songs, but this is one of those releases where a listener can discover a great deal. Kyllonen has a warm and intimate honey-smooth voice and sings with a melting ease. Even when she’s rocking out in “Unlucky”, there are no shrill bits; it all seems so effortless.

Her songs come across as stories (partly due to her voice) rather than just songs. Somehow, Kyllonen manages to insert a lot of feeling into the recording. There’s an ironic recognition that you can’t complain too much about what life throws at you.

The recording and production work took place at The Factory Studios and they did a great job. The result is a very natural sounding performance that clearly showcases Kyllonen’s prodigious talent.

Summary: A small gem.

Check out the this review and other independent CD Reviews at: http://www.bullfrogmusic.com

Indie Music.com CD Review - February 10, 2009

Quote: "Think a cleaner, less fussy version of Lucinda Williams and you'll be on the right track."
By Nancy Dunham, Indie-Music Magazine

Pauline Kyllonen may hail from Canada, but her sound is right out of Nashville, or Texas, or maybe Arizona. Suffice to say she's got the Folk/Americana/Country sound down pat and has the talent to make the most of it.

What sets Kyllonen apart from others is the simplicity with which she showcases the music. Her strong yet wistful voice is the main instrument on these tracks, never overwhelmed by complex instrumentation or too slick production. Think of a cleaner, less fussy musical version of Lucinda Williams and you'll be on the right track.

The pity is that the four tunes on this CD are over much too soon.

Not surprising, the lead tune "Unlucky" has gotten some critical attention. Imagine it as a rocked up, harder edged version of early Reba or maybe even Suzy Bogguss. Without question, Kyllonen has the voice to carry the strong song and catchy "no luck at all" chorus.

"Rainbow Cafe" is straight out of a small Nashville roadhouse; straight country complete with steel guitar and a haunting tale of despair. Yet Kyllonen pulls it off without going into the cornball alley where many balladeers languish. The same can be said of the love song "Like A River."

"Wasn't Thinking About You" is a down tempo, percussion heavy tune that just begs for a contemplative listener.

Come on, Pauline. Think about us. We definitely need more of your sound in our lives.

Indie Music online article, click here.

CD Review - February 5, 2009

Local digs up earthy roots
By Dean Gordon-Smith - Vernon Morning Star

This debut album from Vernon singer/songwriter Pauline Kyllonen is one that favours quality over quantity.

Its brevity (four songs) wisely doesn’t cause it to try to hit too many bases for a “showcase,” instead the disc stays mellow and earthy all the way through, Kyllonen’s vocal and easy-paced songs steering clear of crap and posturing.

Kyllonen has attracted much notice for her roots/country sound, and one of her awards led to the recording of this short and sweet CD (self-titled, not eponymous!)

Judging by the tastefully warm production and super-solid musical support, it was a good move. There’s not a note or sound out of place. This quality, a sense of relaxation and restraint, gives Kyllonen’s songs a swing that is very subtle; felt rather than heard.

This even pacing and unhurried state also readily translates into purposeful vocal delivery, and confident performance from the backing group here (Shaun Verrault of Wide Mouth Mason, Pat Steward of Bryan Adams, and Doug Elliot of The Odds.) Justice is done to the songs, allowing that ever-elusive presence –– atmosphere, vibe, etc. –– to be welcomed to seep in through the tracks.

As noted earlier, there’s no waifish pretension to sidetrack the songs, and Kyllonen’s voice suggests western (as in B.C.) feeling and muted energy. This sound is ballad-driven (Rainbow Café) and her vocal wraps itself around the melodies with a dusty charm, reminiscent of Blue Rodeo’s ambient song-craft.

Kyllonen keeps to her unhurried pace, taking time to unfold and grasp the intended mood. Like A River slinks along like a long late afternoon spent in a desert-bound roadhouse. With the wind up, some tumbleweed whipping by and frosty bottles of beer, you’ll get the idea.

Dusky sounds drift through the music, and Kyllonen’s mature style follows the ambiance. She doesn’t overdo the impact by assaulting the senses. Her storytelling tone is honest and convivial, and seems meant to be heard in a reflective state, or it can easily induce this mood, wherever and whenever.

January 20, 2009Local singer-songwriter sees her dreams come true,


Vernon’s Pauline Kyllonen is riding high over the rainbow thanks to hard work, patience and help from a Music BC incentive.

The local singer-songwriter has not only seen her recently-released independent CD receive airplay on national radio, she has also been featured on the country music station, Canadian Music Television.

In November, the folk-country roots artist found out through a friend that she had been featured as an independent artist on CMT’s Chevy Cross Canada Countdown with Casey Clarke.

“Well, I was surprised to say the least. The show is broadcast Canada-wide, so to be mentioned on the show is pretty exciting for me,” said Kyllonen. “You spend all this time doing things to get yourself some recognition, and when you get to this point, it’s amazing.”
A singer since birth, Kyllonen began pursuing music seriously six years ago.

After being named a finalist at a few local talent competitions, she entered one of her first compositions, Rainbow Café, into the Music BC Music Assistance Program (MAP).

The song managed to win her three days of studio time at The Factory Studios in Vancouver.
It took three years, but Kyllonen finally recorded and produced her debut self-titled CD in April.

“It was a matter of saving up money to bring in the musicians, have it mastered and packaged,” she said. “The studio time was free. If there wasn’t Music BC, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

In the studio, Kyllonen worked with some of Canada’s best producers and musicians, including John Maclean and Sheldon Zaharko of The Factory Studios, Pat Steward on drums (The New Odds, Bryan Adams, Matthew Good), guitarist Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason), bassist Doug Elliot (The New Odds) and Tyson Naylor on keyboards.

Officially released in June, Kyllonen has been busy self-marketing the CD through the Internet, community, on college and online radio and live performances around B.C.

“If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish what it is you want to do,” she said. “Even if you don’t make it to the Grammys, the fact that you tried makes you proud.”
Kyllonen has also started a radio promotion campaign with Toronto’s RadioDirectX to market the CD to radio stations worldwide.

More recently, the CD ranked 52 on the top 100 albums of 2008 and 12th in the top roots/country albums for 2008 on Kamloops university and community radio station CFBX.

Next up for Kyllonen is a live performance at Kelowna’s Mountainstock festival, Saturday at 1 p.m. at O’Flannagan’s Pub.

All funds raised will benefit the Okanagan Victim’s Services/ Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society for Victims of Violence.

For more information, or to hear Kyllonen’s music, check out her Web site at www.paulinekyllonen.com.

Her CD is available at CD Baby,  ITunes and Bering Music in Kelowna and Westbank. 


"PAULINE KYLLONEN" (self titled) CD review
by John Kereiff

PAULINE KYLLONEN - Pauline Kyllonen (self released)
This self-titled four song EP is a promising start to a young career.

The Vernon based singer/ songwriter engaged the talents of drummer Pat Steward (ex- Bryan Adams/ current New Odds) as well as New Odds bassist Doug Elliot- talk about the stars lining up in her favor.

Kyllonen's sound is a cross between country and roots music, some rock influence too. "Unlucky" is an energetic opener that'll have you tapping in time on the steering wheel, but Kyllonen prefers balladry as her main form of expression. As a preview of things to come this EP is a nice taster, and the star for me at least is "Wasn't Thinking About You", it really stands out.

KEY CUTS: Unlucky and Wasn't Thinking About You


Gold on Velvet Voice - Pauline Kyllonen will win your heart with her 14 karat golden voice laid on a bed of velvet. These four songs showcase her skill at song crafting and performance. Backed by a talented group of friends, she gifts the listener with songs that are at once fresh and familiar. From the Heartlands! Thanks Pauline!! - Arthur Davenport


Warm and Thoughtful Sound - If you like Blue Rodeo or Cowboy Junkies this one will remind you of that on cuts like "Like A River" and "Wasn't Thinking About You". This is sweet sounding alt country all the way. "Unlucky" really rocks out, and the sidemen obviously know how to play. - John Pippus, Vancouver, BC


Media name: Murat Kasap
Company name: Radyo SDU

Date: 2009-07-03 08:14:01

Feedback: Thank you very much for your promo. It was a good gain for our archives. We introduced your promo CD with your history and announced your internet details at Radyo SDU and planning to introduce on a new program at national radio TRT in 2010. Thank you again and good luck… PS: I feel lucky, I got your CD and "Rainbow cafe" “ will be on air September 23, 2009 at national radio TRT 3. ( www.trt.net.tr 09:03-10:00 GMT+2) Murat Kasap Radyo SDU, Turkiye http://radyotv.sdu.edu.tr


Media name: Randall Cousins
Company name: Brave New Frontiers
Date: 2009-06-26 11:36:42
Feedback: Good cd, we have aired tracks.

Randall Cousins


Media name: Alexa Zemmer
Company name: Radio ARA

Date: 2009-06-09 11:06:49

Feedback: Great voice, real fantastic artist. I'm looking forward to hear more of her.

Countrygirl Lexy
Radio ARA Luxemburg


Media name: Kevin Sullivan
Company name: CIMR Radio

Date: 2009-04-03 06:14:48

Feedback: Good morning Pauline.  Thank you for sending your CD. Love your songs!! I've played the majority on the show and have had several requests. Please keep me in mind for any future releases. Appreciated, Kevin.


Media name: Harry Boerman
Company name: Veluwe FM, Radio Putten,Radio Ermelo

Date: 2009-04-02 06:08:56

Feedback: Great CD. Recieved a lot of airplay and will in the future. Used in several programs on our station.

Greetings, Harry Boerman Veluwe FM.


Media name: Peggy MacNeil
Company name: Isles FM

Date: 2009-02-02

Feedback: Hi Pauline
A million thanks for your EP which arrived safe and sound this afternoon. Just brilliant and 'the voice' is simply a breath of fresh air, what more can I say.

Keep up the good work and look forward to receiving any more releases in the future.


Media name: Kurt K. Gabriel
Company name: ECMA Radio

Date: 2009-01-24 06:26:49

Feedback: Hello Pauline, Your song "Like A River" was on my ECMA-Radio/Archangel’s Music Corner/Kurt Gabriel’s Music Selections – Week 47, 2008 Program. From time to time I'll bring more of your excellent songs on my forthcoming programs. Please be so kind and keep me updated on your musical work.

Media name: Graham J Barclay
Company name: Soundwave FM

Date: 2009-01-22 08:27:42

Feedback: Hi Pauline Many Sincere Thanks for the CD that you sent us. BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT We have enjoyed it immensely, and have added tracks from it to our playlists.

Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up.

Many thanks again, and please stay in touch.

Kind regards:
Graham J Barclay graham@soundwavefm.co.nz ( Broadcasting Since Oct 3rd 1997 )

Media name: Geof Cartledge
Company name: West Gippsland Community Radio

Date: 2009-01-11 05:31:07

Feedback: G'Day Pauline, Thank you for sending your CD. It is fitting in well with our program and receiving good feedback across all tracks. Keep up the great work, looking forward to hearing more of you "Down Under." Have a GREAT 2009.

Regards Geof Cartledge

West Gippsland Community Radio Inc.
Victoria, Australia


Media name: Tony Bates
Company name: Highlands 100.7FM

2008-12-30 06:15:39

Feedback: An excellent album full of great musicianship that is going down well with our listeners. Albums of this caliber are rare to come across.


Media name: Dioni Piatkowski
Company name: JAZZ RADIO fm
Date: 2008-12-08 07:57:58

Feedback: thank you very much for set of recordings and press-kits information. Naturally all these will be put to radio air-plays here and I will do all my best to find distributor of yours records here. be in touch... All the best: Dioni Piatkowski


Media name: Charly Webster
Company name: radio Ham
Date: 2008-11-30 11:35:05

Feedback: Hello, I have played your music on several occasions in my program " the country music club " and I had a great response from the listeners, especially the number " Like a River " was highly appreciated ! I wish you a lot of success in the future ! You are good !!! Country greetings from Charly Webster


Media name: Paul Van Kuik
Company name: Radio 0162 Dongen

Date: 2008-11-24 02:41:51Date: 2008-11-24 02:41:51

Hi Pauline, I enjoyed your album very much. Great sound! I'm looking forward to hear more from you in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Paul van Kuik Radio 0162 - Dongen


Media name: David Bolli
Company name: Country Radio Switzerland

Date: 2008-11-22 04:08:53

Feedback: Hi Pauline Sure we got your promo CD and put 2 songs on our playlist. "Unlucky" and "Wasn't Thinking About You". Good job!

All the best!  http://www.CountryRadio.ch


Media name: Marcel Bos
Company name: Golfbreker Radio

Date: 2008-11-22 02:56:39

Feedback: Hello Pauline, I  received your cd last week. And I must say I'm surprised with it. It's a CD I am sure will use in my radio show. Very good music and very good songs. Keep going this way.

All the best from Holland:
Marcel Bos



From Peter Merrett, Music Manager - PBS 106.7 FM, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Pauline,

I have just listened to your cd and have found it to be a wonderful example of where Country music should be heading.

Rich powerful voice coupled with very strong songs, aided by top accompaniment. As l listened l was drawn more and more into your stories and more and more under the spell of Pauline Kyllonen.

A name not heard here before, but once the shows l have allocated to get their copy this will quickly change. l truly believe the powerful voice will instantly grab everyones attention. You have grabbed mine, congratulations on this release.

Your CD has been allocated to the following programs...

1. Acid Country - David Heard, Thursday 3 to 5pm.

2. 5 Feet High & Rising - Myles O'Neil-Shaw, Monday 1 to 3pm.

3. Culture Clash - Lisa Palermo (19 year show), Saturday 3 to 5pm.

We sincerely thank-you for your generosity with your music. In a time of uncertainty it takes huge commitment to send out your life's work, here we appreciate your faith in PBS in presenting your music to Australia.

Kindest Regards
Peter Merrett


November 2, 2008 - Feedback: Pauline has been added to the Minsk Radio Playlist 07.11.2008

I ask you to send me one more copy (maybe signed) of this your truly wonderful CD?

N. Kozlovsky - Minsk Radio, Belarus


November 4, 2008 - Feedback: Fantastic CD. Great stuff for our Radio Station

Alex Pinjnen - BRTO Radio, Netherlands


It's a pleasure, Pauline! Our volunteers choose the material they want to play off the playlist, so they are the ones who've been doing well. Don't know if you'd heard already, but your EP is sitting at #1 on our chart ending August 29th. Good on ya!

Brant - CFBX Radio, Kamloops, BC


August 8, 2008 - I received both of your songs. They are both perfect for our station. I am sitting here listening to “Wasn’t Thinking About You” as I type and I must say it's my personal favorite. Thank you so much for the submissions, they will be on rotation on our playlist tomorrow.

August 15, 2008 - Thank you so much. I forwarded your comments to the station manager. I said these are comments from the #1 requested artist on our station. Are you aware of that? We are excited that we got picked up by ITunes. Listenership is booming! We are excited to be promoting so many great artists and you are a jewel among them.

Marque - The Ville Radio Network/ Georgia Music Industry Association, Louisville, Kentucky



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